Sustainable Development of Obolon Corporation
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Sustainable development is a key element of the Obolon Corporation’s strategy. It allows the company to implement its corporate ambitions and fully develop each of its CSR areas: employee development, environment protection, promotion of sports, and support of the local communities.
Producing beverages with a high level of quality and safety is the basis for the long-term development of the Obolon Corporation. Stability of production processes and guaranteed quality and safety of its beverages ensure that the company achieves its goals on the way to sustainability.
Climate change, resource depletion, and energy dependence are the challenges of the 21st century for individuals as well as for large manufacturers. Reduction of environmental impact and conservation of nature are priorities for Obolon as the largest Ukrainian beverage producer.
Obolon makes both a direct and an indirect impact on the economy of the country as a whole and specific regions where its facilities are located through job creation, paying taxes to the local and state budgets, development of related industries, and support of the social culture.
Adhering to the principles of sustainable development, Obolon views the participation in the social life of the regions where its facilities are located as an important component of developing Ukrainian society as well as its own business.
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Production complex in Kirovohrad Region is the ecological component of the corporation. 30 million used plastic bottles arrive here for recycling annually.

«The production complex has a beneficial geographic location from the point of view of logistics - Oleksandriya town is located in the centre of Ukraine. Although the capacity of the region has significantly decreased, Obolon is constantly developing production, implementing new business areas and creating jobs. We began as a small shop and due to Obolon investment we now use high-technology equipment.»
Volodymyr Shrliaruk
director of the production complex in Oleksandriya

Production and technologies

  • 2003 Launch of a plastic bottle recycling line
  • 2008 Rim band production
  • 2012 PET preform plant
UAH 100 million
154.2 million items
1.19 million dal
3.14 million dal
661.9 tonnes
investment into opening the PET preform production plant
PET preforms produced
low-alcohol beverages produced
soft drinks produced
tension and packaging band produced



UAH 703,1 thousand
production employees
financial assistance to workers at full employment
with disabilities


UAH 4,8 thousand
volume of taxes paid (including excise rates)
company's percentage in local budget revenue generation


10,2 thousand tone
30 million bottles
2.5 million bottles
bottles recycled on the plant in 13 years
arrives for recycling
are recycled

Benefits of recycling plastics

  1. 2/3 times savings on energy consumption with the use of recycled PET
  2. CO2 emission reduction
  3. Environmental protection
  4. Savings on new materials


UAH 100 million in investments
Over UAH 100 million invested into the PET preform production plant in 2012–2013
43 thousand
per hour
43 thousand pcs preforms can be produced by the production line per hour
UAH 20,3 million paid in taxes
UAH 20,3 million was paid to the city budget of Oleksandriia by the Obolon PJSC production complex from 2007 to –2015

Development of regions

  • Zibert's Brewery is a modern, high-technology company with a century-long history and brewery traditions making the town of Fastiv legendary.More
  • Podolia is the basic agricultural region for the Obolon Corporation Chmelnytskyi Region is home to malt production facilities, grain agricultural lands and the scientific base of brewery barley breeding.More
  • Okhtyrka Brewery is an enterprise with a 100-year-old history and the only operating brewery in Sumy Region. Today, the Brewery is a socially responsible enterprise and an active member of the region's civil society. The enterprise is involved in charity programmes, it takes care of its employees and increases their professional excellence. It is also engaged in a constant active dialogue with the local community. More
  • The industrial complex of corporation "Obolon" for Olexandriya, which has a population of around 100,000 people, the production facility of Obolon Corporation is an important industrial site. The enterprise has been developing smoothly, it makes new products and increases payments to the local budget. More